“Intuitive Multiple Viewpoints Control using Interlocked Motion of Coordinate Pairs” by Fukatsu, Kitamura, Masaki and Kishino

  • ©Shinji Fukatsu, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Toshihiro Masaki, and Fumio Kishino



Interest Area:

    Gaming & Interactive


    Intuitive Multiple Viewpoints Control using Interlocked Motion of Coordinate Pairs

Session/Category Title:   Interaction Mechanisms



    Adequate presentation of multiple views from different positions and directions, as well as in different scales, enables a user to acquire much information about an environment and recognize the environment in detail. In considering effective use of multiple views, the control method for multiple viewpoints (specifically, a primary viewpoint and additional viewpoints) must be clear to the user. A lot of existing viewpoint manipulation methods originally deal with a single viewpoint;1 however, a method for effectively controlling multiple viewpoints has not yet been discussed. In this sketch, we propose the “interlocked motion of coordinate pairs” as a manipulation technique for intuitively controlling additional viewpoints and the primary viewpoint.


    1. Ware, C. & Osborne, S. (1990). Exploration and virtual camera control in virtual three-dimensional environment. Computer Graphics of the ACM, 24 (4), 175-183.

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