“Interactive Walkthrough of Large Geometric Databases” by Brechner, Cabral, Greene, Rossignac and Funkhouser

  • ©Eric Brechner, Brian Cabral, Ned Greene, Jarek Rossignac, and Thomas (Tom) A. Funkhouser



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    Interactive Walkthrough of Large Geometric Databases

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    This course will focus on techniques, algorithms, data-structures, and databases for displaying very large geometric databases interactively (greater than one million polygons  drawn at least ten frames per second). Beginning with a discussion of basic techniques and leading to state-of-the-art algorithms, the speakers will address key issues in walkthrough, including visibility computations, automatic object simplification, and memory management through database subset pre-fetching. Speakers will show real applications of these algorithms to a variety of areas, including visual simulation, virtual reality, architecture, and digital mockup.

    Attendees of this course will better understand the key issues in dealing with very large geometric databases. They will be provided basic and state-of-the-art techniques to overcome hardware and software limitations that preclude the high frames rates necessary for interactive inspection of complex geometric scenes. These techniques will be illustrated by real examples of working walkthrough applications using databases with between 1 million and 500 million polygons. A working knowledge of interactive computer graphics, including the mechanisms of matrix transformation, perspective, and raster graphics, will form a good foundation for the course material.  


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