“Inferring 3D free-form shapes from contour drawings”

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    Inferring 3D free-form shapes from contour drawings


    We aim to create a simple intuitive interface allowing a user to model three-dimensional shapes by sketching them on a computer screen. Based on a contour drawing of some object, the system creates a 3D model that matches the given contour and is one of the plausible interpretations of the drawing. Current 3D modeling software tools like Maya are powerful but hard to learn; they’re not very well suited for initial conceptual de- sign except perhaps by experts. A sketch-based free-form modeling interface like Teddy [Igarashi et al. 1999] is simpler and more intuitive, but is limited: the input must consist of simple closed curves.


    Igarashi, T., Matsuoka, S., and Tanaka, H. 1999. Teddy: a sketching interface for 3d freeform design. In Siggraph-99.
    Williams, L. R. 1994. Topological reconstruction of a smooth manifold-solid from its occluding contour. In ECCV-94.

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