“Image Engine Presents: Breathing Life Into CHAPPiE” by Harvey, Lautour, Wendell and Fast

  • ©Chris Harvey, Mathias Lautour, Mark Wendell, and Earl Fast




    Image Engine Presents: Breathing Life Into CHAPPiE


Project Affiliation:

    Image Engine Design Inc.


    In “CHAPPiE”, a unique action sci-fi comedy by Director Neill Blomkamp, the lead actor is a digitally created childlike robot who conveys a rich array of emotions as he interacts with the human characters around him. In this session, supervisors from Image Engine reveal how a small production team brought CHAPPiE to life, delivering nearly 1000 shots and over 60 minutes of screen time to the digital, believable hero. With a wide array of visuals covering concept design to asset builds, on-set capture to final performance, and postvis to final integration, the panel presents a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges involved in creating a character that audiences not only accept as real but connect to.

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