“I.R.I.S.: New Models of Communication” by Christensen and Kuslansky

  • ©Murry Christensen and Eli Kuslansky

  • ©Murry Christensen and Eli Kuslansky




    I.R.I.S.: New Models of Communication



    Goldman Sachs operates in a global digital economy moving at warp speed, where knowledge capital is key. In this environment, Goldman Sachs’ knowledge workers must be open thinkers who quickly formulate meaningful patterns from a high volume of information drawn from multiple sources. Informed decision making in financial markets requires new visualization models that are multi-dimensional yet easy to understand. To manage this information, maintain a keen competitive edge, and continue to lead the market, Goldman Sachs’ workforce needs to constantly hone the interpretive skills that are fundamental to all of the company’s revenue activities.

    To set the tone of the 180 Maiden Lane training center as a thought-provoking and engaging learning environment, we created a new aesthetic experience that models the world in which Goldman Sachs does business. The Intelligent Recognition Inference System (I.R.I.S.) is an advanced computer graphic visualization system that simulates and interprets the processes, patterns, and flow of the environment in which a 21st-century knowledge company operates. Using the languages of learning, culture, and science, I.R.I.S. brings into focus the forces that will shape new forms of business.


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