“High quality computer animation” by Catmull

  • ©Edwin (Ed) Catmull




    High quality computer animation



    New York Institute of Technology is involved in producing
    animated films with very good image quality. We have extensive
    computer graphics facilities devoted solely to animation. This
    includes a number of full-color frame buffers and two line-drawing
    systems, together with a high-quality film recorder, video tape, and
    disk equipment. We also maintain a strong association with a
    conventional animation studio.
    Our images are created at high resolution (1500 lines). In order
    to achieve good quality we must use hidden surface algorithms that
    apply anti-staircasing techniques at high resolution; we have used
    Fourier window filtering for this purpose. We have taken great care
    to ensure film transmittance is exactly proportional to intensity
    values. In trying to build production animation systems, we have
    found the problem of manipulating large numbers of images, in excess
    of 100,000, to be one of our main problems.
    Pictures produced at NYIT will be shown

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