“Growing Fitted Textures” by Gorla, Interrante and Sapiro

  • ©Gabriele Gorla, Victoria L. Interrante, and Guillermo Sapiro



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    Growing Fitted Textures

Session/Category Title:   Texturing



    Adding texture to the surface of a polygonal model can profoundly enhance its visual richness. Given a texture pattern and a surface model, the historical challenge has been to determine how to apply the pattern to the surface in an appropriate manner, minimizing the visual impact of seams and projective distortion while orienting the pattern so that it flows over the shape in a desirable way. In this sketch, we address the problem of how to seamlessly, and without repetition cover the artifacts or visible projective distortion cover the surface of a polygonally defined model with a texture pattern derived from an acquired 2D image so that the dominant orientation of the pattern will everywhere follow the surface shape in an aesthetically pleasing way. Specifically, we propose an efficient, automatic method for synthesizing, from a small sample swatch, patches of perceptually similar texture in which the pattern orientation may locally follow a specified vector field, such as the principal directions of curvature, at a per-pixel level, and in which the continuity of large and small-scale features of the pattern is generally preserved across adjacent patches


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