“genieBottles: An Interactive Narrative in Bottles” by Mazalek, Wood and Ishii

  • ©Ali Mazalek, Ali Wood, and Hiroshi Ishii



Interest Area:

    Art / Design


    genieBottles: An Interactive Narrative in Bottles

Session/Category Title:   Narrative Gestures



    The genieBottles system presents a story that is told by three genies who live in glass bottles. When a bottle is opened, the genie contained inside is released and begins to talk to the user. If several genies are released at once, they converse with each other. The physical bottles can be seen as graspable “containers” and “controls” for the digital story information, and wireless tag sensing technology is used to determine their open and closed states. This interface was first used in the musicBottles project, in which sets of glass bottles were filled with musical trios. The genieBottles project explores the application of the bottle interface to the interactive storytelling.


    1. Ishii, H., Mazalek, A., & Lee, J. (2001). Bottles as a minimal interface to access digital information. In CHI 2001 Extended Abstracts, ACM Press.

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