“Elmo’s World: Digital Puppetry on “Sesame Street”” by Yilmaz, Satin, Rudner and Gregory

  • ©Emre Yilmaz, Dave Satin, Les Rudner, and Eric Gregory



Interest Area:

    Production & Animation


    Elmo’s World: Digital Puppetry on “Sesame Street”

Session/Category Title:   On-Set CG



    Recently, we received an unusual but exciting request: to make a drawer bark like a dog, to make a TV set cry like a baby, and to do it all live on set with Elmo. Elmo’s World is a daily 15-minute show-within-a-show on “Sesame Street.” In his imaginary world, the popular red Muppet monster learns about a new concept each day (for instance, dogs, babies, or bananas). Among Elmo’s friends in this world are four pieces of furniture. We bring these furniture creatures to life using real-time computer animation, or “digital puppetry.” Specifically, we use an experimental motion-capture method.

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