“Creating Photoreal Creatures that Audiences Can Connect With” by Michael Gregory and Dan Seddon

  • ©Michael Gregory and Dan Seddon



    Creating Photoreal Creatures that Audiences Can Connect With


Project Affiliation:

    Moving Picture Company


    This Production Talk will explore the culture shift in advertising, particularly how consumer expectations for quality content has never been higher than it is today. It will explore the use of photoreal characters and creatures to allow brands to break through the noise and connect with audiences. Michael Gregory (Creative Director) and Dan Seddon (VFX supervisor) will take audiences though the key steps that need to be taken to achieve a photoreal creature, as well as considerations that need to be made when finalizing the look of the creature. Examples of Moving Picture Company’s (MPC) creature and character work will be used, as well as an exploration into the proprietary tools developed and used by MPC in their creative process.

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