“ComicDiary: Representing Individual Experiences in Comics Style” by Sakamoto, Sumi, Nakao and Mase

  • ©Ryuuki Sakamoto, Yasuyuki Sumi, Keiko Nakao, and Kenji Mase



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    ComicDiary: Representing Individual Experiences in Comics Style

Session/Category Title:   Digital Representation



    This sketch describes ComicDiary, a system that automatically creates a personal diary in a comics style. ComicDiary is built as a sub-system of our ongoing project (C-MAP) to develop a personal guidance system for touring museums, trade shows, academic con- ferences, cities, etc. The aim of the C-MAP system is to provide users with personalized guidance in temporal and spatial situations, as well as for individual interests. We intend that ComicDiary will be used as a casual tool for augmenting each individual user’s memory and encouraging users to exchange personal memories.


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