“Character Rigging, Deformations, and Simulations in Film and Game Production” by McLaughlin, Cutler and Coleman

  • ©Tim McLaughlin, Larry Cutler, and David Coleman



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    Character Rigging, Deformations, and Simulations in Film and Game Production

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    Prior experience with or awareness of character rigging, deformation, and simulation issues.

    Who Should Attend
    Professionals and students who want to expand their understanding of character rigging, deformation, and simulation.

    Digital characters are common in animation, visual effects, and real-time applications using computer graphics. As the use of digital character technology has spread approaches to rigging, deformations, and simulations continue to share a foundation of best practices, but have also evolved in unique ways specific to the exhibition format. This course encompasses technical, process oriented, aesthetic, and performance concerns in exploration of the setup and use of digital characters. Through the explanation of fundamental skills, articulation of common practices, examination of specific challenges, and illumination through practical examples this course delivers a comprehensive production-oriented view of character rigging in film and game production. The authors are veteran production artists with deep histories in digital character related problem solving.        

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