“Best of Cross Breeding: Television Meets Interactive” by Greenberg

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    Best of Cross Breeding: Television Meets Interactive



    After spending a large part of his career at Film Roman and then Starz Entertainment, Scott Greenberg and his partners decided the time was right for a new kind of animation studio that could deliver high-quality programing and storytelling experiences across traditional media and emerging technologies. Since opening their doors in 2009, BBE has become the leading producer of prime-time animation television, with series on FOX, Comedy, MTVm, and HBO, on the internet with HULU. BBI is building a digital platform to distribute their properties via social and mobile media. Using this strategy, BBI develops, publishes, and markets immersive storytelling experiences for tablets, mobile, and other digital-content devices. This session reviews Bento Box’s business model: a combination of providing production services, owning and building IP, managing IP rights, and leveraging business opportunities utilizing technology and the creative community to develop new revenue models.

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