“Balancing Act: Life as a Visual Effects Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation” by Bielenberg, Ramasubramanian, Prescott and Manninen

  • ©Ken Bielenberg, Mahesh Ramasubramanian, David Prescott, and Markus Manninen




    Balancing Act: Life as a Visual Effects Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation


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    DreamWorks Animation


    In this panel, the Visual Effects Supervisors for the last two and next two DreamWorks Animation films discuss how they approached each production. In the studio environment, there are opportunities to share development with other shows, but differing visual requirements also mean each show has unique needs. How do the visual-effects teams balance the safety of using tried-and true-techniques with the requirements to create ever more visually sophisticated and complex work? How do they manage the benefits of sharing across shows with the specific needs of their show? Each panelist shares some successes (and failures!) from their most recent projects.

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