“Affordability of computer graphics for planning networks in DOD program management” by Potoczniak, Kosmin, Larkin, Callahan and Dunn

  • ©J. Potoczniak, M. Kosmin, R. Larkin, J. Callahan, and Robert (Bob) M. Dunn




    Affordability of computer graphics for planning networks in DOD program management



    This report represents data relative to the alternative consideration involved in selecting a configuration for the Interactive Graphics Networking System, (IGNS). The IGNS permits a user to interactively view a network, modify it, if needed, analyze various management options and view their impact upon the data contained in the network, and, finally receive network plots and management reports.A prototype of this system was developed and tested for feasibility. Having proven the feasibility, the purpose of this report is to provide the data necessary for a user to decide the individual optimum system configuration which may be used to facilitate an interactive networking reporting capability.


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