“A Seamless Texture Color Adjustment Method for Large-Scale Terrain Reconstruction” by Kim, Ban and Park


Entry Number: 56


    A Seamless Texture Color Adjustment Method for Large-Scale Terrain Reconstruction



    We present a technique to generate realistic high quality texture with no seams suitable to reconstruct large-scale 3D terrains. We focused on adjusting color difference caused by camera variations and illumination transition for texture reconstruction pipelines. Seams between separated processing areas should also be considered important in large terrain models. The proposed technique corrects these problems by normalizing texture colors and interpolating texture adjustment colors. 


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    This work was supported by Institute for Information & communications Technology Promotion (IITP) grant funded by the Korea government (MSIT) (2016-0-00008), Synthetic Battlefield Generation and Visualization from Aerial Imagery Captured at Multiple Altitudes)