“A New Human Motion Analysis System Using Biomechanics 3D models” by Perales, Buades, Mas, Varona, Suescun, et al. …

  • ©F. J. Perales, J. M. Buades, R. Mas, X. Varona, A. Suescun, G. Zissis, I. Aguinaga, M. Foursa, M. Touman, and R. Mendoza



Entry Number: 083


    A New Human Motion Analysis System Using Biomechanics 3D models



    We define a process to adjust the humanoid to the morphology of the person. It could be very laborious and subjective if done manually or by selection of points, but in this poster we present a global human motion system capturing, modeling and matching as automatic process between the real person and the modeled humanoid or synthetic avatar. Automatic means that the computers propose the best matching from previous frame. Is really a new approach and is possible to applied in indoor environments or outdoor if we can control the illumination.We have some interesting video demo of the proposed system at http://dmi.uib.es/research/GV/Siggraph2004/index.htm and we can offer to present at SIGGRAPH Conference and interactive demo to show our more recently results.


    Work subsidized by HUMODAN IST-2001-32202CICYT TIC2001- 0931 and TIC2002-10743-E


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