“2D Shape Interpolation Using a Hierarchical Approach” by Ohshima, Kuroki, Kobayashi, Yamamoto and Tamura

  • ©Toshikazu Ohshima, Tsuyoshi Kuroki, Toshihiro Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, and Hideyuki Tamura



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    2D Shape Interpolation Using a Hierarchical Approach

Session/Category Title:   Curves and Morphing



    Shape interpolation has been widely used for modeling and creating visual effects. Recent papers have proved that interpolating two shapes taking into account their interiors can greatly improve the quality of the generated intermediate shapes. However, the algorithms are complex and hard to implement. Here, we present an easy and simple method to generate a smooth interpolation between two shapes. Given a vertex correspondence between the boundary of the two shapes, the compatible hierarchical representations of the shapes are constructed. Interpolating these compatible hierarchical representations generates the intermediate shapes. Unlike the previous approaches, our method can be used to interpolate polylines.


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