““2001: An MR-Space Odyssey:” Applying Mixed-Reality Technology to VFX in Filmmaking” by Ohshima, Kuroki, Kobayashi, Yamamoto and Tamura

  • ©Toshikazu Ohshima, Tsuyoshi Kuroki, Toshihiro Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, and Hideyuki Tamura



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    Production & Animation


    “2001: An MR-Space Odyssey:” Applying Mixed-Reality Technology to VFX in Filmmaking

Session/Category Title:   On-Set CG



    Visual effects (VFX), which composite computer-generated imagery (CGI) onto real scenes in a feature film, usually require a sequence of images that is manually generated in the post-production process. In an alternative approach, mixed reality (MR) merges the real and virtual worlds to achieve real-time interaction between users and MR space. In this sense, MR creates real-time VFX seen from an observer’s viewpoint. These two fields, which used to be considered independent, will rapidly affect one another. VFX techniques, especially photometric registration, are useful in MR systems. On the other hand, MR technology can be utilized in film production. This sketch introduces the first MR system that is specially implemented for filmmaking.


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