“Per-Face Texture Mapping for Real-time Rendering” by McDonald Jr. and Burley

  • ©John McDonald Jr. and Brent Burley




    Per-Face Texture Mapping for Real-time Rendering



    Texture unwrapping is a nearly ubiquitous step in texture mapping, and serves two important purposes: (1) it indicates where to sample texture across each face and (2) it allows artistic freedom to ―trade‖ texels from low importance areas to high importance areas. Unfortunately, texture unwrapping is time-consuming and automated tools generally produce inferior results to those of a skilled artist. Additionally, even the best unwraps suffer from seams, which cause lighting discontinuities at best and surface discontinuities at worst.

    Ptex, proposed in [Burley and Lacewell 2008], assigns a separate texture per face, skipping the texture unwrap entirely. The technique uses adjacency data to filter across faces, removing visible seams. We propose a technique to render Ptex datasets—intended for offline rendering—at interactive framerates using commodity Direct3D 11 capable hardware.


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