Tina Aufiero: Swan in a suitcase

  • ©2011, Tina Aufiero



    Swan in a suitcase


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Artist Statement:

    A visual artist, educator and lover of adventurous outdoors experiences, Aufiero can often be found equipped with balloons and small cameras, recording images and sounds of migrating birds. A self-proclaimed obsessed swan lover, Aufiero creates projects that often focus on utilizing the swan as the metaphor to create meaning. Imagery and information gathered is then articulated in sculptural objects, mixed media video works, and photographic pieces. The images represent a series of projects which allow the digital, analogue and physical to overlap and create a hybrid of objects, videos and photographs: In my studio I explore through sculpture the ‘digital captured in low-tech aesthetics and craft-based traditions’. I am interested in the augmentation provided to an object/sculpture through sound and or video coming from the object itself. Elements of sculpture, 3D form, materials, the space around the object – they become a playground for interactivity. Form coupled with sound or video can inform my viewer more clearly of my conceptual interests. I work to stir my viewer’s curiosity, with an understanding of space and proximity in relation to my sculptures, as well as contextualize the pieces within their digital content. In “Swan in a suitcase”, concepts of birth till death, in focus – out of focus, were presented in dissolving video stills, which corresponded with the viewer and their relation to the suitcase.