Nanette Wylde: Storyland

  • ©2002, Nanette Wylde





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    Web Site


Artist Statement:

    Storyland is a randomly created Web narrative. Each line is constructed from a pool of possibilities, allowing each reader a unique story. The work is a one-page Web site created with Javascript. Upon entry, the reader presses the “Let me tell you a story” button, and a story is created for that moment in time. It is unlikely that any two stories would be identical.

    Storyland exposes its narrative formula, thus mirroring aspects of contemporary cultural production: sampling, appropriation, hybrids, stock content, design templates. It risks discontinuity and the ridiculous, providing opportunities for contemplation beyond the entertainment factor.

    Storyland will play from any JavaScript-enabled Web browser. Elements for each line in the story are randomly selected from a series of arrays that hold Storyland elements.

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