Corinne Whitaker: !Brazen Hussy

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    !Brazen Hussy



Artist Statement:

    !Brazen Hussy is a project, rather than a specific piece. It is an online gallery devoted exclusively to bold and forward-thinking women artists whose voices are generally silenced in traditional venues. We want them to be seen and heard with pride, hopefully to influence other women artists to be visible as well, and to establish a tradition of honoring the female body as seen and experienced by women.  Although museums and galleries are beginning to recognize some women artists, those who show bold, unflinching work are generally rejected. Several years ago two Brazen Hussies decided to make these extraordinary works visible in an online gallery entitled: !Brazen Hussy. Ruth Waters and Corinne Whitaker decided to give voice and space to the courageous female artists who were challenging male norms. The venue chosen was the Digital Giraffe pioneering eZine, now in its 25th year as an award-winning online art and culture space. Presented at, one of the earliest holders of a single-word domain and winner of 2 Golden Web Awards as well as an Academic Excellence Award and a Best in Cyber Art Award, the Digital Giraffe has now featured over 40 women artists who have defied convention in a gallery devoted exclusively to them. These artists are archived continuously for the edification of educators, art lovers, collectors, artists, and students. is a free and ad-free venue receiving roughly 750,000 hits annually and visited by 198 nations worldwide. We are proud to advocate and promote the work of these artists in an online publication devoted to outstanding art with an emphasis on women, including a space for older women online (Vintage Women and a page offering news of and about

    We WILL be seen. We WILL be heard. We WILL excel!

Other Information:

    Female Body, Feminism, and Intergenerational