“Wild Dogs” by Ringling College of Art and Design

  • ©Catherine Hicks  Ringling College of Art and Design


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    Wild Dogs


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Ringling College of Art and Design


    Things become complicated when two wild dogs discover the remains of a giant dinosaur skeleton in the African plains.

    I created this film for my senior thesis project at Ringling College of Art and Design. I wanted to explore the challenges of clarity in sophisticated pantomime and subtext acting using non-speaking characters. Eight months were devoted to building the film from the ground up.

    I was inspired to create “Wild Dogs” one day during my junior year of college, when I watched a dog struggle to gnaw a car tire. The basic premise that drove me along during the story process was the idea that a little thing in hand is better than a great thing in prospect.


    HP workstations


    Autodesk Maya 2008, RenderMan, Shake, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Tsunami

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Catherine Hicks

    Runt: Alex Willman, Catherine Hicks

    Big Dog: Charles Vallely, Beavan Blocker

    Story/Animation: Catherine Hicks

    Composer: Chris Haigh

    Sound Mixing: Charles Vallely

    Production: Ringling College of Art and Design

Animation / Video Overview: