“Vizzavi “Chicken Smiles”” by Coffin

  • ©Pierre Coffin


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Vizzavi “Chicken Smiles”




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    Computer graphics director Pierre Coffin’s campaign for communications equipment company, Vizzavi, features various animals in amusing situations. Passion Pictures teamed up with Parisian animation company McGuff Ligne, where Pierre and the team created the creatures using Symbor, composited with Trukor, and rendered with MGLR: all McGuff Ligne’s in-house developed software programs. In Chicken Smiles, a joke is passed between chickens everywhere via their mobile phones, causing much giggling.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Erika Forzy, Jacques Bled, McGuff Ligne
    Agency: WCRS
    Production Company: Passion Pictures
    Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann
    CG Production Supervisor: Etienne Pecheux
    Background/Art Direction: Eric Guillon
    Animators: Isabelle Auphan, Brigitte Brande, Laurent de la Chapelle, Giusi Marrone, Elisabeth Patte, Christophe Petit
    Render Team: Bruno Baron, Bertrand Cordier, Mathieu Gros, Emmanuel Jarry, Michel Metenier, Regis Saillard
    Research & Development (Symbor, MGLR, Trukor): Frederic Cros, Thierry Lauthelier, Geoff Levner, Phillipe Molieres
    Post Production: Big Bouy