“Technological Feets” by Raster Rsrch., Inc.

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    Technological Feets

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Raster Rsrch., Inc.


    A live, interactive, computer assisted performance. A dancer performs in front of a camera to a pre-recorded soundtrack. Her digitized image is processed in real time and simultaneously displayed on a video projector. The image processor is played like a musical instrument.


    HARDWARE: Custom designed and built frame buffers with
    integral high speed hardware support functions.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Custom software by Ed Tannenbaum, programmed
    in FORTH and assembly language.

Additional Contributors:

    Dance: Marci Javril
    Image processing: Ed Tannenbaum
    Technical assistance: Richard Green, Jeff Schier
    Produced at: SIGGRAPH ’84 electronic theater 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 5:00; live dance performance