“Star Rider” by Computer Creations

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    Star Rider

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Computer Creations


    This tape contains excerpts from backgrounds for an arcade video game produced by Williams Electronics Inc. The player races through surrealistic worlds, competing against game generated adversaries.


    HARDWARE: DEC PDP 11/50, VAX 11/750, E&S Multi Picture
    System, Adage/lkonas RDS-3000, Ampex HS
    100/200, AVR-1, Sony BVH-2500


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: VideoCel animation system

Additional Contributors:

    Game design: Python Anghelo
    Animation: Eric Brown
    Software: Tom Klimek, Herman Towles
    Produced at: Computer Creations, South Bend, Indiana 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 4:35; 1″; sound

    Technical notes:
    Original video was compressed 2:1 and later
    expanded by the game electronics to allow roaming
    through the image. A simultaneous rear view
    mirror is also included. Coded data recorded on
    the disk allows game placement of adversaries.
    Twenty minutes of animation was completed in
    six months.