“Sony Playstation 2 “The Wolfman”” by Hope

  • ©Tim Hope


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    Sony Playstation 2 “The Wolfman”




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Passion Pictures


    Based on Tim Hope’s multi-award winning short film The Wolfman, this 60-second spot for Sony Playstation 2 portrays a scientist’s change into a wolfman. He muses how much more exciting life would be if he were a werewolf: “How fantastic and different my life would be, to go beyond human. To be a man dog, a hairy person, look at me!” Hope’s distinctive animation technique uses a mixture of photography, video footage, and graphic images which he imports into the computer and composites using 3ds max software, giving them their flat, cut-out look.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Cara Speller
    Executive Producer: Andrew Ruhemann
    Sound Editor: Nigel Crowley
    Designer/Illustrator: Bartek Kubiak
    Post Production: Glassworks
    Writers: Tim Hope, Waen Shepherd
    Voice: Waen Shepherd
    Animation: Tim Hope, Rob Fellows
    Agency: TBWA
    Agency Producer: Tracie Stokes
    Art Director/Creative: Graham Cappi