“SIGGRAPH 2004 ILM Research and Development” by Sullivan and Bowers

  • ©Steve Sullivan and Brent Bowers



    SIGGRAPH 2004 ILM Research and Development





    A compilation of feature-film segments illustrating recent research and development work at ILM. Film clips from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” and “Van Helsing” show techniques developed for photorealistic human performances (character setup, paint, and materials for digital doubles); complex cloth, skin, and hair dynamics under artist control; and simultaneous recording of live-action and motion- capture performances for hybrid CG characters.


    HARDWARE: Single CPU PCs. Rendering farm: 2,500 CPUs.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling: Isculpt (proprietary). Animation: XSI, Maya, Zeno Poseur (proprietary); Cari (proprietary). Rendering: RenderMan. Dynamics: Zeno Hair, Cloth, Rigid Body Simulation (proprietary) Cari cloth and Flesh Simulation (proprietary). Compositing: Comptime (proprietary). Additional software: Zeno Mars (proprietary) Zeno Commodore (proprietary) Zeno Zenviro (proprietary) and a whole bunch more. OS: Linux.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Ken Maruyama
    Contributors: Maria Lyons, Ellen Pasternack

Additional Information:

    Modeling: NURBS, polygons, and subdivision surfaces. Animation: combination of keyframe and motion capture (traditional onset, and realtime). Simulations: cloth, hair, and flesh simulated with proprietary tools. Roto and Compositing: combination of 2D and 3D techniques.