“ROBERT MALLARY: Pioneer in Computer Art” by University of Massachusetts

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    ROBERT MALLARY: Pioneer in Computer Art

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  • University of Massachusetts


    ROBERT MALLARY: Pioneer in Computer Arttraces the artist’s career from his early interest in art and technology in the 1940’s through his pioneering work with mainframe computers, vector graphics, and computer sculpture in the ’60s and early ’70s to his current collage work using a per-sonal computer system. The tape explores Mallary’s Concept of a “systems” approach to art in which he integrates the physical process of assemblage with the electronic process of computer graphics.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Copper Giloth
    Producer and Director: Justin P. West
    Assistant Producer: Serge Vladimiroff
    Narrator: Tom Cramer
    Music: Serge Vladimiroff
    Videography and Editing: Justin P. West
    Post Production Facilities: The Electronic Visualization Lab University of Illinois at Chicago
    Technical Assistance: Gary Lindahl, Dana Plepys
    ComputerAnimation Design and Direction: Copper Giloth
    Alias 3D Animation: Eric A. Furie, Laura Scholl, Ioannis Christos Yessios
    Alias 3D Models: Laura Scholl
    Digital Effects: Greg Huber and John Truckenbrod at Skyview Film and Video
    Steadicam: Charles Papert
    Technical Support: The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, ICGL at Princeton University, and Smith College
    Credits: Andy Reich
    We would like to thank the following people for allowing us to interview them about the work of Fobert Mallary: Jeff Bangert, Colette Bangert, Hilton Abbott, Ruth Leavitt, Robert Russett, Vibeke Sorensen, Patric Prince, Lee Hall, and Roger Malina. A production of Fine Arts Video in Northampton Massachusetts.
    This project was funded through a SIGGRAPH Special Projects Grant.
    Special Thanks
    We would like to thank the following people for their help: Kirk Alexander, David Backer, Ken Bradt, Michael Cox, Stuart Cudlitz, Tom Defanti, Frances Giloth, Paul Giloth, Beryl Gilothwest, Sharon Harper, Jeff Heath, Marion Judd, Cynthia Neal, Mary OUNeil, Morris Partee, Lynn Pocock-Williams, Mirko Popadic, Joel Saxe, Jane Veeder, and Dan Zeller.

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