“Moai’s Dream” by Nagorny

  • ©Fredric Nagorny


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    Moai's Dream


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  • Relief


    The Metamorph pierces the sandy surface of a planet, creating colossal sculptures. The Moai’s face each other down in hand-to-hand battle, jumping like astronauts on the surface of the planet, leaving giant crevasses in the wake of their leaps. One of them will remain, the other will be expelled through a careless mistake. On the island, the Moai’s are lined up, watching the sky, imagining what’s going on. Suddenly, they see another Moai coming. It has been such a long time. They continue staring at the sky, expecting the scenario to start all over again..

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Isabella Wadros
    R&D: Raymond Perrin
    Music: David Moreau, J.L. Hennequin