“Miroku” by Fujihata

  • ©Masaki Fujihata





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Sedic Inc.


    The concept is a letter from the future. According to Buddhist legend, Miroku will come, down to this world to bring relief to all living things 5,670,000,000 years after the death of Shakamuni. In this tape, the “computer of the future” is analogous to Miroku and uses its data base and simulation powers to send a message back to the present.


    HARDWARE: VAX 750, Adage RDS-3000, E&S PS-300, Cray 1
    (Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo), Bosch
    BCN-50 videotape recorder


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Proprietary software developed by Sedic Inc.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Toyohiko Higashi
    Software developed by: Masataka Ohta, Moritaka Arai, Kentsu Hanabusa
    Produced at: Sedic Inc., Tokyo, Japan 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 1:30; 1″; sound

    Technical notes:
    This sequence demonstrates ray tracing volume
    densities with refraction and reflection