“Levi’s “Odyssey”” by Glazer

  • ©Jonathan Glazer


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Levi's “Odyssey”




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Framestore CFC


    Odyssey features a man and a woman in an ecstatic state of movement freedom. They achieve this freedom by first running through a succession of walls. Once outside they run vertically up two enormous trees. Director Jonathan Glazer’s main concern was the performance of his two stars; the effects work focused on complementing the performances by creating exploding CGI walls and a CGI forest.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Simon Cooper
    Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
    Inferno Artists: Murray Butler, Stephane Allender
    Creative Director: Stephen Butler
    Matte Artists: Darran Nicholson, Stephanie Mills
    Art Director: Gavin Lester
    Copywriter: Antony Goldstein
    Paint Artists: Steve Tizzard, lan Fellows
    Producer: Andy Gulliman
    Digital Lab: Adam Glasman
    Production Company: Academy
    Research & Development: Alex Parkinson
    Technical Support: Ivan Cornell, Chi-Kwong Lo, James Studdart
    Producer: Simon Cooper
    Spirit: Dave Ludlam
    Executive Producer: Nick Morris
    Editor: Sam Sneade
    Post Producers: Helen Mackenzie, Rachael Penfold
    Post Production: Framestore CFC
    Post Coordinators: Verity Grantham, Rebecca Barbour