“Galaxy Quest” by Yves Metraux

  • ©Yves Metraux



    Galaxy Quest


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    ILM’s computer graphics provided the only viable approach to bringing the rock monster to life. Formed from boulders scattered around the crystal planet and loosely held together by mysterious forces, the creature required a new approach to animation using a proprietary rigid body solver. Animated rock geometries were selectively freed into a dynamic simulation so they could not interpenetrate, but rather could form together from unconnected objects. Collisions between rocks drove emissions of CG dust and rock chips, while automatic ground interactions tied the creature into the scenes. Textures, lighting, and careful compositing to match the location completed the effect.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Bill George

    Visual Effects Producer: Kim Bromley

    ILM Animation Supervisor: Christopher Armstrong

    Co-Visual Effects Supervisor: Ed Hirsh

    Visual Effects Associate Supervisor: Ben Snow

    Creative Advisor: Stefen Fangmeier

    Visual Effects Associate Producer: Janet Lewin

    Computer Graphics Supervisor: Dan Goldman

    Compositing Supervisor: Marshall Krasser

    Visual Effects Art Director: Alex Jaeger

    Visual Effects Director of Photography: Patrick Sweeney

    Practical Model Supervisor: Brian Gernand

    Technical Animation Supervisor: James Tooley

    Digital Creature Model Supervisor: Geoff Campbell

    Digital Color Timing Supervisor: Kenneth Smith

    Motion Control Camera Operator: Carl Miller

    Motion Control First Assistant Camera: Mike Bienstock, Michale Hardwick, David Janssen

    Motion Control Gaffer: Michael Olague

    Stage Support: Dennis Gehringer, David Watson

    Chief Model Makers: Barbara Affonso, Charlie Bailey, Carol Bauman, Don Bies, Fon Davis, John Duncan, Grant lmahara, Michael Lynch, Scott McNamara,
    Tony Preciado, Kim Smith, Steve Walton

    Model Makers: Bryan Dewe, Robert Edwards, Mark Fiorenza, David Fogler, Tim Gillett, Nelson Hall, Aaron Haye, Peggy Hrastar, Michael Jobe, Richard Miller, David Murphy, Ben Nichols, Alan Peterson, Thomas Proost, Christopher Reed, Mark Siegel, Daniel Wagner, Mark Walas

    Computer Graphics Artists: Mimi Abers, Shadi Almassizadeh, Al Bailey, Kathleen Beeler, Aron Bonar, Patrick Brennan, Billy Brooks Mario Capellari, Caitlin Content, Jay Cooper, David Deuber, Gonzalo Escudero, Raul Essig, Todd Fulford, Jim Hagedorn, Andrew Hardaway, David Hisanaga, Dorne Huebler, Polly Ing, Erich lppen, Samson Kao, Hilmar Koch, Jonathan Litt, Craig Lyn, Stuart Maschwitz, Michael Min, David Parrish, Bruce Powell, Ricardo Ramos, Philippe Rebours, Massimiliano Rocchetti, Tom Rosseter, Douglas Sutton, Catherine Tate, Chad Taylor, Susan Weeks, Colie Wertz, Ken Ziegler, Rita Zimmerman

    Animation Leads: Linda Bel, Scott Wirtz

    Animators: Scott Benza, Andrew Doucette, Andrew Grant, Ken King, Victoria Livingstone, Mark Powers, David Sidley, Tom St. Amand, Kim Thompson

    Lead Viewpoint Artist: Ron Woodall

    Digital Modelers: Andrew Cawrse, Li-Hsien Wei

    Enveloper: Lenny Lee

    3D Camera Matchmove Supervisor: Michael Halsted

    Location Matchmove Technician: Alia Agha

    3D Matchmove Artists: Lanny Cermak, Wendy Hendrickson­-Ellis, Jodie Maier, David Manos Morris, R.D. Wegener

    Lead Digital Paint Artist: Katharine Baird

    Digital Paint and Rota Artists: Chris Bayz, Scott David, Deborah Fought, Cameron Griffin, Jiri Jacknowitz, C. Andrew Nelson, Amy Shepard, Erin West

    Digital Matte Artists: Ronn Brown, Jett, lvo Horvat, Yusie Uesugi

    Viewpoint Artist: Jean-Claude Langer

    Visual Effects Coordinators: David Gray, Amanda Montgomery, Paula Nederman

    Visual Concept Designers: John Goodson, Erich Rigling

    Animatic Artists: James Smentowski, Christopher Stillman

    Miniature Crash Director of Photography: Patrick Turner

    Miniature Crash Stage Manager: David Dranitke

    Lead Pyro Technician: Geoff Heron

    First Assistant Camera: Paul Sanchez

    Stage Support: Carl Assmus, William Barr, Rod Janusch, Daniel Michalske, Tim Morgan, Frank Tarantino

    Miniature Crash Coordinator: Luke O’Byrne

    Video playback: Clark Higgins

    Visual Effects Production Assistants: Sacey Shear, Sam Stewart, Sam Granat

    Visual Effects Editor: Tim Eaton

    Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Carey Burens

    Film Scanning Supervisor: Joshua Pines

    Film Scanning Operators: Earl Beyer, George Gambetta

    Negative Cutter: Doug Jones

    Digital plate restoration: Maria Goodale, Katrina Stovold

    Software development: David Benson, Alan Trombla

    3D digitizing software: Marc Levoy, Brian Curless, Verhat Krishnamurthy

    Technical support staff: Doug Applewhite, Michelle Motta, Ian McCamey, Blake Sweeney

    Computer systems support: Erik Grieve

    ILM Senior Staff: Patricia Blau, Gail Currey, Jeff Mann