“Embryo” by Kawaguchi

  • ©Yoichiro Kawaguchi







Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Nippon Electronics College


    This piece presents flexible, transparent textured objects which are concerned with birth and growth from the artistic point of view. My boyhood was spent primarily diving into the sea to catch fish, digging for the shellfish hidden among rocks, and feasting my eyes on beautiful coral clusters. The image and color tones I experienced in those days have at a deep-rooted level formed the basis of my mental pictures and imagery today. The shapes in my works are of sea plants and mollusks which do not look at all like organisms living aboveground. The colors also reflect the hues of fish and radiant coral found in southern waters around my native, tropical island. Equipment: Links-1, parallel processing multi-microcomputer system using “Meta-ball” which combines ray-tracing transparency effects with dynamic bump mapping.