“Eidos Show Reel” by Eidos Montreal

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    Eidos Show Reel

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Eidos Montreal


    The Show Reel includes some of the commercial works done by Eidos between October 1983 and June 1984.


    HARDWARE: Computervision CV CGP 200X, CGP 4000


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Computervision CADDS 4 and proprietary Eidos
    animation software

Additional Contributors:

    Executive producer: Giovanni della Rossa
    Scientific coordinator: Daniele Marini
    Software specialist: Sandro Missaglia
    Computer choreographer: Luca Bacci
    Produced at: Eidos, Milan, Italy 1984

Additional Information:

    Format: 3:32; 3/4″; sound

    Technical notes: The monitor used was a CV INSTAVIEW, 1024 x
    1280. Single frames were shot on 35mm film.