“Dark Noir” by Grampá

  • ©Rafael Grampá  Red Knuckles


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    Dark Noir




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Red Knuckles


    Years ago, ideas were stolen from the head of an artist by a mysterious woman. To help him find her, the old man tracks down Vincent Black, a man with the gift to see the immaterial world where ideas come from. Vincent discovers much more than even he could foresee.

Additional Contributors:

    Animation Studio: Red Knuckles
    Director of Photography: Red Knuckles
    Red Knuckles Creative Directors: Mario Ucci, Rick Thiele
    Producer: Monica Domanska
    Original Story and Characters: Rafael Grampá
    Lead Animator: Lucas Vigroux
    3D Animators: Giovanni Braggio, Scott Beharrell Bono, Chris Whyte, Magali Barbe, Florian Mounié, Martyn Smith
    2D Animators: Adrien Gromelle, Stephen Vuillemin, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Alice Bissonnet, Duncan Gist, Giovanni Braggio
    Technical Director: Maïckel Pasta
    Lighting TD: Patrick Krafft
    Environment Modeling: Florent Rousseau
    Matte Paintings: Manuel Dischinger, Ian McQue, One Pixel Brush

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    Scene 1: Adriano Antonini
    Scene 2: David Jesus Vignolli
    Scene 3: Greg Fenwick
    Scene 4: Nina Robra
    Scene 5: Anton Kovalenko, Adri Ceesari
    Scene 6: Maria Vlad

    Creative Agency: Sid Lee – Amsterdam
    Associate Creative Directors: Gill Glendinning, Roger Leebody
    Account Manager: Jonah Dolan
    Production Company: Jimmy Lee Amsterdam
    Producers: Justin Townsend, Ezra Xenos
    Voice of Vincent Black: Doug Cockle
    Voice of Madaleana Proud: Ajit Sandhu, recorded
    at Stainless Sound
    Music Companies: Croacia, Wake the Town
    Music Composer: Marcio Chavemarin
    Sound Engineer and Music Composer: Paul Schumpter
    Music Producer: John Connon
    “Paper Bones” Written and Performed by Mike Ghost

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