“Bud Light Video Wars” by Eggers, Hayes, DDB Needham Worldwide and Eggars Films

  • ©Bob Eggers, Troy Hayes, DDB Needham Worldwide, and Eggars Films



    Bud Light Video Wars




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Optimus, Inc.


    This 30-second Bud Light commercial was created by combining film, computer animation and paint devices. The film was shot and rough cut, then the animation was chore­ographed on the Bosch FGS-4000 to match the scene. Space ships were created using the Bosch Off-line Modeling. Satellite. After combining the animation and live-action, a Quante! Paintbox was used in conjuction with an Abekas A- 62 to add the special effects a frame-at-a-time to the lasers and spaceship streaks.


    Bosch FDL 60, Corporate Communications Sunburst Color Corrector, Ampex AT X-100, Bosch FGS-4000, Quante! Paintbox, Abekas A-62, Ampex ACE, AVC33, VPR-3’s


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: FGS Trajectory Editor

Additional Contributors:

    CONCEPTS BY: Troy Hayes, DDB Needham Worldwide
    PRESENTED BY: John Greening
    PRODUCER: Ed Larson, DDB Needham Worldwide
    ANIMATOR: Rich Bobo
    FILM EDITOR: James Yamus Mudra
    VIDEO EDITOR: Joseph Malecki
    SPECIAL EFFECTS: Ann Smeltzer
    TALENT ARTIST: Michael Winslow
    SOUND: Ed Golya
    SOUND EFFECTS: Michael Winslow
    PAINT SYSTEM: Ann Smeltzer
    COPYWRITER: Allen Rubins, DDB Needham Worldwide

Additional Information:

    1″ NT SC video